Staff retention and Well-being specialist

Retain happier people,
in better performing businesses.


I help well-intentioned companies to find success in their well-being and retention strategies.

Company gain

Each employee that leaves costs roughly 27% of their salary to replace.

That’s £5068 based on minimum wage.

Individual gain

Employee well-being is key to their engagement, retention & performance.

Meaning the employee & employer win.



Creating the space to enable your team to workshop solutions and find momentum in their people-challenges.


Offering advice and expertise on people strategies and all things related to happiness and well-being at work. 

Training and Public Speaking

I give keynote speeches to help leaders align the head with the heart so that organisational change is possible.


Specialised one-on-one support for leaders and line managers to better optimise their people’s or their own lives.

Who am I?

On January 2nd 2019, I was moments away from ending my life.

I combine that story with knowledge to help businesses build positive cultures that perform and to interrupt negative cycles before they lead to disengagement and ultimately, turnover.


Caitlin Allwood
Operations Manager,
Tonic Talent in Hospitality

“Matthew’s candidness was completely refreshing and I really feel he’s onto something. I felt like he articulated perfectly what I and other people have experienced.”


Geoff McDonald
Mental Health Campaigner & Keynote Speaker

Matthew’s willingness to talk about his own struggles with ill mental health, combined with his extensive hospitality experience make him uniquely positioned to succeed on this mission.


Melissa Noakes
Head of Sponsorship and Events, Santander UK

If you’re looking to create a business where you and your team thrive, this is for you.

A recent article on my work featured in the Chef & Restaurant Magazine.

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